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BTS Talk Social Media Rules With E!

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On May 20th, BTS appeared at the Billboard Music Awards!

In the excitement of the show and the boys’ upcoming performances, BTS hit the red carpet. Upon their arrival, the boys were interviewed a number of times. One of those interviews was with E!

In the interview BTS talked about what coming to America was like and their appreciation of their ARMY fans. They also talked about the support they felt arriving at the show to see so many of their fans there and waiting for them. RM even saying “they’re the most amazing fans in the world”. Before being asked what would happen if there were no barriers between the members and the fans. To which he replied it would be amazing.

There are also a number of other fun questions asked including if the boys have final say in their social media posts, to which RM explains that they do all of the posting themselves. He also notes that they have a sing rule for their social media usage. Which they said was “no drunk tweeting” which they claimed is a rule which has never been broken.

If you want to see the rest of the conversation you can check it out here!

BTS Red Carpet E


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