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BTS released BTS 꿀 FM 06.13 for their 2017 BTS Festa celebration

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BTS has been gifting fans with wonderful little things since the beginning of their 2017 BTS Festa celebration.  Their last gift included the boys’ ‘resumes’ where they talked about their goals, bragged, talked about the others, and even gave their personality types! Today, we get the gift we’ve all been waiting for; BTS 꿀 FM 06.13.

This hour and half clip is full of serious talk, fun, games, and the boys being absolute memes.  They start off by talking about their goals for the upcoming year, with many of them focusing on being better and working hard as a team.  They also talk about their accomplishments will getting a nomination for Billboard and they talk about their “Spinebreaker” dance!  The video is long, so there’s so much more to see!

Check it out below!

Fun moments from the clip:

rap-monster-bts-festa-faceplant bts-jin-aime bts-radio-rap-monster bts-festa-v-close-up-radio bts-festa-radio-jungkook-suga bts-festa-jimin-heart bts-festa-suga-rapmon bts-jin-radio bts-hobi-radio-festa 2017-bts-festa-strong-power-radio bts-festa-radio-cake

BTS celebrated their 4 year anniversary at June 13, 2017.  Their debut track “No More Dream” from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool is a classic in the eyes of ARMY.  The group boasts 2 full albums and 4 mini albums amongst other releases.

They started off with a small agency and never expected to garner so much attention, but will their Billboard win, their Shorty Award win, and their overall success with a completely sold out world tour, there’s no denying their growing popularity.  Along with the clip above, they released a redone version of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” featuring Jungkook and Jimin, the long awaited dance practices for “Not Today” and “I Like It Part 2”, an overload of photos, and a beautiful ballad duet between “Rap Monster and V”.

As their anniversary hit, Rap Monster took us back to the beginning with some photos from their debut days, and fans have been posting photos of all of their eras and some beautiful fanart.



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