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BTS releases ‘You Never Walk Alone’ with 4 new tracks

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At 12:00 am KST on February 13, 2017, BTS released the epilogue to their Wings album, You Never Walk Alone.  This album outsold Wings in pre-orders with over 700,000 copies, not to mention the mass amount of people who are swarming to buy it now that it’s out.

You Never Walk Alone contains four additional tracks.  “Spring Day” is the title song for this album and is an alternative style with influences from British rock and electronic music.  Everybody’s favorite Rap Monster actually wrote the melody.

Additional Tracks

15. Spring Day

You can definitely hear the influences from British rock and electronic music throughout this song, but it doesn’t ever feel out of place.  “Spring Day” is one of those emotional tracks that just hits you.  The haunting melody, beautiful vocals, soulful rap, and emotional lyrics all band together and make this song extremely well rounded and deep.

16. Not Today

“Not Today” doesn’t have the same emotional feel as “Spring Day”, but instead is energetic.  It actually reminded me a bit of a battle preparation song – like we’re done with this, let’s fight back!  The beat and synth sounding horns are a really great combination with the song itself.  The raps are on point, definitely more in your face than the last track.  As always, the vocals are just lovely and mix really well.

One thing that struck me as interesting was the fact that, while it has a vocal chorus, it has more a focus on the music for the chorus.

17. Outro: Wings

“Outro: Wings” felt a bit slower than the “Interlude: Wings” track, but that could just be my imagination!  The entire song is upbeat sounding and definitely makes you want to dance.

18. A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

“A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone” definitely exceeded expectations.  I was expecting something along the lines of the Skits they did in previous albums, but there was a beautiful melody playing softly in the background with synthetic beats.  One of the things that really sticks out in this track is the differences between the different rap styles – they’re definitely distinct and this song emphasizes that.  The vocals are lovely, especially with the hook “You Never Walk Alone”.

The music video for Spring Day was released with the album, but Not Today will be released on February 20, 2017.  That’ll give the fans just enough time to recover!


BTS You Never Walk Alone Album Overview


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