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BTS’s RM Releases New Lyrics Video For “Moonchild”

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Update October 25, 2018:

RM released the lyric video for “Moonchild”!  Watch it below.

Update October 24, 2018:

BTS’s RM released a second video featuring the lyrics to “Seoul”.  Watch it below.

Update October 23, 2018:

“mono.” is here!  BTS’s RM released his self-produced playlist mono. on October 23, 2018 and fans ate it up!  Along with the release, he dropped a music video for “Forever Rain”.

Check out both the music video and the mixtape below.

Original Article:

BTS’s RM will be releasing a new solo mixtape soon!

RM surprised fans all over the world on October 21, 2018 will a track list for his upcoming new mixtape entitled Mono.

In the upper corner, the word “Mixtape” is crossed out and replaced with “RM Playlist Mono”.   The track list has the same crossed out word and replacement.  The track list highlights 7 new tracks from RM, including “Tokyo”, “Seoul” produced by Honne, “Moonchild”, and “Bad Bye”.  The mixtape is set to release on October 23, 2018!

Get ready and check out the track list below.


BTS RM Mono 


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