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BTS shares how to annoy the members as the 2017 BTS Festa celebration continues

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BTS is back with the next installment in the 2017 BTS Festa celebration.  Previously, the group shared some inspiring moments and their aspirations with fans.  This time around, they share how to annoy their fellow members and things they’d recommend to them as well.

Let’s go member by member on annoyances and recommendations (rough translation):

J-Hope Annoyances:

Rap Monster: Make a mess

Suga: Break his (action) figures

Jin: Mess up his room

Jimin: Make him do work/chores when he’s tired

V: Ask if he’d like to eat Jjajangmyeon

Jungkook: Bother him

J-Hope Recommendations:

Rap Monster: 8 Mile is screening, let’s go watch

Suga: Agust D mixtape.  I hope it helps

Jin: Awake version 2.

Jimin: Lie.  Please coverm y dance

V: Egon Schiele: Death and Maiden 2016.

Jungkook: Please feature in a JK cover song

Jin Annoyances:

Rap Monster: Take away his Nintendo

Suga: Not answering him

J-Hope: Not giving him food

Jimin: Get on his bed with clothes (you wore outside)

V: Ignore him

Jungkook: Hit his butt

Jin Recommendations:

Rap Monster: The Days of a Small Store When a Single Coin Made Us Happy

Suga: Scarface. I want to show him Al Pacino’s acting.

J-Hope: Don’t Worry – Geul Baewoo. Hyung you have much worries. Hwaiting!

Jimin: Tony Montana. Cover my part please.

V: The Legend of the Pianist

Jungkook: This Isn’t What I Wanted. Don’t look at the lyrics, look at the title.

Jimin Annoyances:

Rap Monster: Always make him do aegyo

Suga: Make him do rock music

J-Hope: Tease him that he is getting chubby

Jin: “It’s Not Like That”

V: Make him do a sad ballad song

Jungkook: When took pictures, took it from up and down

Jimin Recommendations:

Rap Monster: Always make him do aegyo 

Suga: Internal Affairs. It’s a genre that suits him.

J-Hope: Agust D Tony Montana remox ft Jimin. “Daechaebulga”

Jin: Harry Potter. I think he’ll be Slytherin.

V: Josee, The Tiger and the Fish. Masterpiece.

Jungkook: “You Did Great Today” Keep doing great

Rap Monster Annoyances:

Jimin: Sing next to him

Suga: Make him only wear (school) uniform

J-Hope: Hide his phone

Jin: Turn on the speaker next to him

V: Listen to music loudly

Jungkook: Break his things beforehand

Rap Monster Recommendations:

Jimin: Twenty. Spend your 20s happily hyung.

Suga: Detachment. A movie that makes you think.

J-Hope: Rap Monster song

Jin: The Matrix. He didn’t watch the masterpiece

V: Ray. Ray Charles masterpiece.

Jungkook: Friend. I want to send him back to Hawaii.

Suga Annoyances:

Jimin: Ignore him when he is bragging about himself

Rap Monster: Don’t let him drink americano

J-Hope: Talk to him when he’s sleeping

Jin: Keep doing dad jokes

V: Ignore.

Jungkook: Ignore him when he is excited and when he’s talking a lot

Suga Recommendations:

Jungkook: Ip Man. The world of youngchoon-gwon

Jin: Ip Man 2. To another world of youngchoon-gwon

Jimin: Ip Man 3. To a different world of youngchoon-gwon

 Rap Monster: Eternal Sunshine. A melodrama that I like. Jim Carrey is good.

J-Hope: TaeGukGi: Brotherhood of War. Kkaepjjang

V: Born to be Blue. Chet Baker!! Masterpiece!!

V Annoyances:

Jimin: Take the power cords out when he’s playing computer games

Rap Monster: Take away his speaker, computer, hamburger, jjajangmyeon

J-Hope: Turn on the heater

Jin: Ask to let him play Overwatch when he is playing

Suga: Don’t let him eat hamburgers and jjajangmyeon

Jungkook: Don’t allow him to play Overwatch

V Recommendations:

Jimin: Between Calm and Passion. You’ll probably like it.

Rap Monster: Khalid’s debut album. It came out recently. Listen to it.

J-Hope: Tarzan. He’s similar.

Jin: Flashman. He looks like it.

Suga: Slam Dunk. The best comics of my life.

Jungkook: The Host. It just came to mind.

Jungkook Annoyances:

Jimin: Wake him up 

Rap Monster: Confiscate his tracksuits and t-shirts

J-Hope: Use/waste his things.

Jin: go onto his bed without washing up

Suga: Don’t let him sleep

V: Delete his Overwatch characters

Jungkook Recommendations:

Jimin: MATRIX2. You will learn the mysteries of martial arts.

Rap Monster: Lucia’s new album

J-Hope: Ip Man: The Final Fight. Jimin ordered me to write down.

Jin: MATRIX. It will open new eyes to martial arts.

Suga: SLAMDUNK. he doesnt know what comics are all about.

V: Fairy tale book. because you’re baby.

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