BTS Show Champion of “Spring Day” behind the scenes

Spring Day Show Champion Win Rap Monster Suga V Jungkook Jimin Jin J-Hope

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Join the ever energetic BTS boys as they film their performance for their ‘Show Champion’ win for “Spring Day”.  They unfortunately couldn’t attend the actual performance, but they didn’t spare any bit of effort in making sure that their pre-filmed performance was done masterfully.

The boys spend half of the time picking on each other, not acting their age, and being their lovable strange selves.

When asked what they wanted to do for a Spring Day with a single member, each had a very different answer.  Suga’s was probably the best, since he just wants time alone!  I couldn’t imagine spending that much time with the same people, day in and day out!

Jungkook is a goober in this one, picking on Jin, hitting J-Hope in what seems like the crotch, and all being extremely energetic!

Video Credit: Kimmy Yang

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