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BTS strikes out in Run BTS Episode 19

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BTS is back with another installment in the Run BTS series!  In the previous episode, the boys finished off their arcade challenge with some surprising results!  In episode 19, the boys are gathered in a bowling alley to see which team can take the win!

The video opens up with a sweet little welcoming harmony, which is totally adorable and dorky at the same time.  They welcome the viewers and jump straight into the first challenge; BTS vs. Jungkook.  Basically, they all compete on a collective team against Jungkook, and if he wins, they have to bow to him, otherwise he has to treat them to dinner.  Originally, he was supposed to write his name with his butt, but he started demoing that right away, so that punishment was out.  Jungkook ends up winning by a landslide, especially with Suga and Jin trying the granny shot method, and the boys have to bow to a very confident Jungkook.

The second round pairs Jungkook, Jin, and V against Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, and Jimin.  The results are rather surprising too!  Check out the video to find out who wins!


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