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BTS takes to the kitchen for Run BTS Episode 20

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BTS is back with another installment in the Run BTS series!  In the previous episode, the boys challenged each other, and Jungkook, to a bowling match, where the granny ball stole the show.  In today’s episode, the boys gather in CJ Cooking Studio to try to make a meal to please MC Jin!

The group is split into two teams for a 3 on 3 match to make the best meal. Rap Monster and V are serving as handicaps for this event due to their lack of cooking skills, but Suga and Jungkook take the lead as the best cooks in the group.  Team 1 consists of Jungkook, Rap Monster, and J-Hope, while Team 2 consists of Suga, Jimin, and V.  The groups get their assignments and set to work!

Jungkook gets lucky with his, and get braised spicy chicken and glazed sweet potatoes, which is something he used to make for the group, while Suga gets braised spicy seafood and panfried potatoes.  The groups split out their assignments amongst themselves, and poor V is left in charge of eating bread.

Notable moments in this video include Rap Monster attempting to cut the chicken while the knife was still in the sheath, J-Hope and Rap Monster shouting at their food to cook, Suga being grossed out while peeling the squid, Jungkook creating probably the greatest adhesive known to man, and V stealing the show with his squirrel guarded sauce.

While V wasn’t allowed to do much by way of cooking, he did help out a lot, and his squirrel helped steal them the win, which meant Team 1 had to clean up after the fact!

Check out the episode below!


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