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BTS takes us behind the scenes of their 3J Home Party practice!

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BTS is trying to kill us with their dance moves.

At least, that’s the current fan theory.

If you haven’t already seen the latest Bantgan Bomb, you’re missing out!  Jungkook, J-Hope, and Jimin take us behind the scenes to see their preparations for their 3J unit performance for BTS Home Party.  The boys are dedicated and serious as they try to sort out the moves and improve their synchronization, and there’s even bonus clips of them practicing in the hotel and doing some of the moves while they were in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards.

Suga makes an appearance at about 1:10 to show off his moves, then leaves with a completely neutral face of “that never happened”.

The comment section of the video is almost as amazing, with hilarious comments from fans who lost their wigs or were slayed in various ways as the boys performed the dance in different outfits.

Check out the clip below!

BTS Home Part 2017


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