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BTS teaches Kevin Manno how to take the perfect selca

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BTS joined MyFm Studio’s Kevin Manno for a quick interview before they return home after winning the Billboard Music Awards Top Social Artist.  The interviewer and group seem surprisingly comfortable, which is such a relief and makes the interview far more enjoyable.

They start off by talking about fidget spinners and how they use them to relax. J-Hope even has an American flag themed spinner!  They then moved to talking about artists like Nicki Minaj, which they moved away from quickly, and awkwardly, when asked if there were ladies like her in Korea.  Rap Monster didn’t even bother translating that one!

The group discusses how big they’ve become and how they’re so honored to be leading the K-Pop wave in America.  They never expected to get to this point, and it’s so surreal for them.  Rap Monster also mentioned, once again, how they don’t have any solely English songs on their album, then proceeds to demo his collaboration with Wale live!

The interview ends with selfies and food discussions.  The boys are challenged to take the best selfie and as Rap Monster says, “As long as you’re not on a diet, you go up!”.  The group finishes it off by talking about food, naming Panda Express and In and Out as favorites.  As someone who actually had In and Out for dinner, it’s great to hear that!

Check out the interview below!


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