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BTS Makes History With Inspiring Speech For Youth At United Nations

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BTS has been making waves over the past few years, with each new thing being bigger and bigger.

On September 24, 2018 all 7 members of this nearly unstoppable group appeared before the 73rd assembly of the United Nations in order to deliver a passionate speech about love and unity.  The “Generation Unlimited” ceremonial event was the perfect chance for the group to spread their message about love and acceptance.

Leader RM spoke for the group about issues that young people all over the world tend to face, be it their own issues, their fans’ issues, or just youth in general.  During the address, RM stated that ”I want to hear your voice, I want to hear your conviction. No matter where you’re from, skin color, gender identity, just speak yourself. Find your name [and] find your voice by speaking yourself”.

During the speech, RM talked about the LoveMyself campaign they started in November in collaboration with UNICEF.  He talked about working with UNICEF for the End Violence program and talked about how fans all over the world have become major players in the event with their enthusiasm and actions.  He said “We truly have the best fans in the world”!

During the speech, RM spoke a bit about his childhood.  “In the intro of one of our early albums, there is a line that says, ‘My heart stopped when I was maybe 9 or 10.’ Looking back, I think that was when I began to worry about what other people thought of me and started seeing myself through their eyes. I stopped looking up at the night sky and the stars. I stopped daydreaming. Instead, I tried to jam myself into the molds other people made. Soon I began to shut out my own voice and started to listen to the voices of others. No one called out my name, and neither did I. My heart stopped and my eyes closed shut.”

Watch the full address below.


BTS United Nations


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