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BTS Drops Full Music Video For “You’re So Beautiful” In Collaboration With Lotte Duty Free

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BTS released a new music video in collaboration with Lotte Duty Free.

Just a short while ago, the group released their teaser for the collaboration, and now the full music video has been dropped! While the full version is only about a minute and a half long, it features a killer beat, rapid paced raps, and body rolls for days.

Watch the music video for “You’re So Beautiful” below.

They also released a ‘bonus’ version!

BTS Youre So Beautiful MV


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  1. gg_yulsic April 11, 2018

    so fantastic

  2. Kyakyakyak April 11, 2018

    BTS never fails to amaze me ?

  3. Bella April 12, 2018

    “you are beautiful” me to them hehe

  4. i’m addicted!

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