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BTS Talk UNICEF And The Meaning Of Love With Zach Sang

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BTS joined Zach Sang for an interview about love and their new album!

Zach starts the interview by saying just how amazing he found the new album, ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Tear,’ to be. He comments on how he felt uplifted and inspired as he listened to the tracks while looking up lyric translations. Namjoon was incredibly thankful for the praise and the fact that Zach took the time to listen to their hard work.

When asked how the boys felt about having the album officially out there for the world to listen to, Namjoon commented on how he was a little worried. He wasn’t sure if it would be as well received as ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Her’ was.

Namjoon had nothing to worry about, as ARMY would love anything BTS gave them!

Zach continues the interview by asking the group what they’ve learned about themselves from creating this album. Jungkook steps in and comments on how he’s learned a lot about the cultures heard in the different track genres. BTS has a medley of different styles on this album, ranging from ballad in ‘The Truth Untold,’ to Latin pop in ‘Airplane pt.2’. The boys said they learned about these genres in order to portray the different feelings in the songs.

When asked how the boys defined love, Hoseok exclaims, “love is hope!” Namjoon chimes in, connecting how in English, “love” sounds a lot like “life.” In Korean, the word for love, 사랑, sounds a lot like the word for person, 사람.

Zach finishes up the interview by asking the boys how UNICEF is going! Taehyung brings the mic to Jin, who panics, while Namjoon answers that it’s going really well!

As a last request, Zach points out his heart button-up, asking the boys if they could sign it for him to auction off and donate the proceeds to their UNICEF organization. BTS agrees wholeheartedly.

Thank you, Zach! Your heart is pure and we ARMYs are incredibly thankful for your kind words and desire to contribute to such an amazing cause!

Check out the interview below!



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