BuzzFeed Celeb has hilarious interview with BTS

BTS Buzzfeed Celeb Interview

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BuzzFeed Celeb was lucky enough to interview BTS prior to their Prudential Center performance!

I swear, these boys are just little rays of numerous sunshine.

They did confirm they are working on another album, and based on J-Hope’s “Yeah” in the background when Rap Monster asked if he was writing for his mix-tape, we’re going to have something to look forward to!  I don’t know about everyone else, but a J-Hope mix-tape is something I’m really looking forward to.  And while they’re all working on that, we’ve got others working hard at mastering Overwatch.

On a side note, Jungkook is probably the biggest Justin Bieber fan on the face of this planet.  No exaggeration.


  1. I’m looking forward to Hoseoks Mixtape ? and omg why must Namjoon expose Jungkook? ? Best Interview that I watched since BTS is in the US.

  2. i love how they are more relaxed in this interview more than the others! XD i wish to meet jungkook in overwatch at least once and beat him on it! that would be hilarious lolol..
    and tbh who wasnt waiting for jhope’s mixtape? i mean we have been begging him to make one XD ~
    -Proud ARMY~

  3. This is honestly so cute! They look so much more relaxed and themselves in this interview, more so than the other American interviews! 😀 I love this 🙂 Especially Jungkook– Justin Seagull lmao <3

    Also this is part of a comment for the giveaway competition on ARA BTS…

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