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A.C.E gets adorably started in ZANY TV’s jump scare prank

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Rookie group A.C.E got quite the scare on the set of Zany TV.  The group has done a couple of small segments with the YouTube channel so far, with the latest having a Halloween theme!

The boys are blissfully ignorant as they start to watch a music video and talk about the difference between it and the normal Korean styled music videos.  While they’re watching, the screen quickly changes and startles them, but that’s not all.  There’s a nice surprise waiting over their shoulder.

Watch these adorable boys react below!

The group recently made their comeback with “Callin‘”!

UPDATE: The group actually does get a chance to watch the music video they were pranked in and adorably closes their eyes when things get too sexy.

A.C.E. Halloween 2017


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