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C9 Entertainment will be debuting a 10 member girl group in September!

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C9 is preparing to debut a 10 member girl group in September of 2017.  To start off their pre-debut promotions, they’ve released details on the first member!


Say hello to Kim Ji Won, who was born in 1999 and has been training for the past two years!

Stay tuned for the next member!

UPDATE: C9 has released a schedule for the member reveals!  Over the next two months, they will be revealing the members one by one!

Check out their schedule teaser below!


UPDATE: The upcoming girl group will be called Good Day and have revealed two of their members; Genie and Nayoon. There are two teasers so far each with ‘Morning” and “0831” hinting at their debut.

Fans are speculating that the number of likes equates to their birthdays.

Check out the first two photos below!

c9-good-day-debut-genie good-day-c9-debut

UPDATE: We have 3 new members revealed, Bomin who was likely born on September 24, 2001, Jiwon who was likely born on April 1, 1999, and Lucky who was likely born on November 3, 2001.

Check out their teasers below!

c9-good-day-lucky c9-good-day-bomin c9-good-day-jiwon

UPDATE: Cherry, Chaesol, and Viva are the next lovely ladies revealed to be apart of Good Day!

good-day-cherry good-day-chaesol good-day-viva

UPDATE: New members afoot!  Say hello to Heejin and Haeun!

good-day-heejin good-day-haeun

UPDATE: Check out the cute group teaser from Good Day below!


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