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Casper leaves CROSS GENE before the group’s upcoming comeback

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CROSS GENE lost a member, and fans are devastated.

Unfortunately, Casper is no longer a member of CROSS GENE.

Amuse Korea Entertainment confirmed that the group lost this vital member before the groups comeback.  They released the statement confirming his departure on September 1, 2017 following various negotiations.

They confirmed that the group will continue on as 5 members.

The company released a statement regarding his departure, and we have a rough copy here.

“We are making a sudden announcement to the fans who support CROSS GENE.  As of August 31, 2017, Casper is no longer a member and has graduated from his activities with CROSS GENE.

There has been much discussion with Casper up until this point, and the conclusion was reached that there were differences in desired directions.

We are so sorry to the fans who have always supported the group, but CROSS GENE will continue on as a 5 member group. We ask for your continued support of CROSS GENE in the future and the group will continue working on their comeback preparations as soon as possible.”

Casper posted a picture to his Weibo account featuring two palms with “I’m Sorry” written across them and the text “I’m sorry” written in Japanese, Korean, English, and Chinese.


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