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Check out the first teaser images and clip for the SM Station collaboration between Taeyong and Yoo Young Jin

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NCT’s Taeyong and Yoo Young Jin are up next for the SM Station release.  The duo will be releasing “Cure” on August 5, 2017.

They’ve released a music video teaser and photo teasers for the track!  Check them out below!

nct-station-cure-taeyong-yoo-young-jin-1 nct-station-cure-taeyong-yoo-young-jin-2 nct-station-cure-taeyong-yoo-young-jin-3 nct-station-cure-taeyong-yoo-young-jin-4

UPDATE: NCT Taeyong and Yoo Young Jin released a new set of teasers for their collaboration for SM Station, “Cure”.

taeyong-nct-young-jin-cure-3 taeyong-nct-young-jin-cure-2 taeyong-nct-young-jin-cure-1

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