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CLC (씨엘씨) Release Gorgeous Music Video for “Distance(선)”

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On April 3rd CLC (씨엘씨) released the music video for their newest track “Distance (선)”.

This music video, as well as the track itself, were released from their recent EP “Black Dress”. (If you haven’t seen or heard the “Black Dress” music video you can watch it here!). While “Black Dress” was more of an upbeat sexy song, “Distance” takes on a softer and more emotional feel, sound, and aesthetic.

In this music video, we come alive for the stunning aesthetic scenes of the girls and nature. White is certainly the main color theme for the video, which is extremely fitting for the feel of the song, as it fills the screen in the form of clouds, walls, lace, linens, as well as the girls’ outfits. Although the majority of the video is light colors and gorgeous individual shots, we also get a darker side to the video with the burning of the white lace, as well as a black lace blindfold. Overal the filming for this music video was absolutely perfect for the song and was extremely visually appealing.

In addition to a gorgeous video, the track itself is soft but amazing. The tone is definitely not a happy-go-lucky one but it is extremely lovely to listen to. The vocals throughout the video just add to the melancholy feel to the entire presentation of the song. It also goes to show that a song doesn’t necessarily need any crazy or extravagant vocal tricks to showcase a performer’s true vocal talent. It is very clear from this track and video that these girls are outrageously talented in the vocal department!

Overall this music video was gorgeously done! If you haven’t watched CLC’s newest music video “Distance” you can do so here! As always we want to know your thoughts, so leave us a comment down below!

CLC Distance MV


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