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Cosmic Girls’ Meiqi And Xuanyi Make Final Team For ‘Produce 101’ In China

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Cosmic Girls’ Meiqi and Xuanyi made the final team for the Chinese version of Produce 101!

Meiqi and Xuanyi will be promoting with the project group for roughly 2 years.  During that time, unfortunately, they will not be able to promote full time as part of WJSN. Meiqi ranked first on the show, while Xuanyi ranked second.

Fans are worried about what that will mean for the group, since it won’t be the OT13 promoting together.  However, member Seola posted a supportive picture and quote reading “I support you sincerely. Fighting towards the end, as much as we tried our best. I love you”.

Starship Entertainment clarified that they will be promoting with both the Produce 101 group and WJSN, splitting the time between the groups.

Please keep in mind, the group’s line up will not be undergoing official changes, as the ladies are not departing the group!  Congratulations to Meiqi and Xuanyi for making the final team for the Chinese Produce 101.

Cosmic Girls Produce 101

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