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Cre.Ker Entertainment releases teasers for “The Boyz”

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Cre.Ker Entertainment released a statement a while back stating that they would be launching a boy group featuring Juhaknyeon from Produce 101 Season 2.

Originally it was unclear whether this group, consisting of Juhaknyeon, Hyunjae, and Sunwoo would be called The Boyz or whether their release would be titled that, but with the group’s Twitter updating, it’s now clear that they are “The Boyz”!

The group wants to catch the hearts of the masses and provide a charm that fans adore.  The group will be releasing something on July 18, 2017 at 12:00 pm!

Stay tuned and check out their current teasers!


UPDATE: The Boyz spoil fans with profile images and introductory profile films for all three members!

the-boyz-dazed-profile-3 the-boyz-dazed-profile-2 the-boyz-dazed-profile-1

UPDATE: Say hello to three more members; HWall, Younghwoon, and Kevin!

Check out their teaser photos and videos below!

the-boyz-kevin the-boyz-hwall the-boyz-younghwoon

UPDATE:  There are three new members!  Say hello to three more members; Sangyeon, Juyeon, and New!

Check out their teaser photos and videos below!

the-boyz-new the-boyz-juyeon the-boyz-sangyeon

UPDATE: The Boyz introduced 3 new members!  Check out the teaser photos and videos for Q, Jacob and Eric!

the-boyz-eric the-boyz-jacob the-boyz-q

UPDATE: The Boyz’s newest teaser introduces all the members once again and gives you a sneak peek into their interactions and personalities!

In the clip, they go from serious models, posing for their individual and group shots, to young boys running their butts off to win a relay race!

Check out the clip below!

UPDATE: The Boyz reveal the ‘B Cut’ debut profile photos for each member!

the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-12 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-11 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-10 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-9 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-9 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-7 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-6 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-5 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-4 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-3 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-2 the-boyz-b-cut-debut-2017-1

The Boyz 2017 Debut


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