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OSKP Cristal’s Top 10 K-Pop Rookie Groups of 2017

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2017 has been an amazing year for the multifandom K-Pop fans like myself since more than fifty L-Pop groups have made their official debut with incredible talent and new music. This year is not exactly over and it was extremely hard for me to rank these groups; but nevertheless, here are my top ten favorite rookie groups— including one who will most likely be making their official debut soon (most likely in early 2018)!

10. 14u (원포유)

2017 KPop Rookies

Pronounced as ‘one for you’, 14u is a fourteen member group under Baekgom Entertainment who made their debut on July 22nd, 2017 with their single, “VVV.” The group name— 14u, literally means “one for you” as they aspire to be the only ones for the fans. They are divided into two teams: 14u-X and 14u-L. Team x, or eXplosive, consists of E.sol, Loudi, Dohyuk, Doyool, B.S, Gohyeon, and Hero. Team L, or Lucky, consists of Hyeonwoong, Sejin, Eunjae, Gyeongtae, Rio, Woojoo, and Luha. All of the boys are absolutely adorable, but B.S and Woojoo have my heart!

09. Hint (힌트)

2017 KPop Rookies
Hint is a seven member girl group under Starpro Entertainment who made their debut on March 31st, 2017 with their digital single, “Tang Tang Tang.” The group consists of Hyejin, Arra, Nael, Cherry, Haesol, and Sogeum. Originally, Hint was called Turan, but most of the first and second line up— except for Hyejin, had left the group. Their debut song is super catchy and fun to listen to! My bias is Cherry.

08. M.V.P (엠브이피)

2017 KPop Rookies

M.V.P is a seven member boy group under PH Entertainment who have been around since 2015. They officiallly made their debut on March 13th, 2017 with their title track, “Take It (선택해).” The group consists of Kanghan, Rayoon, Gitaek, P.K, twins Been and Jin, and Sion. I first heard about M.V.P last year when they were known as the PH Trainees, but lowkey stopped keeping up with them until they announced their official group name. My bias is P.K, but the twins are wrecking me.

7. Amor (아모르)

2017 KPop Rookies
Amor is a five member girl group under Troy Entertainment who made their debut on August 10th, 2017 with their single, “Push Baby (푸시 베이비).” Their group name— amor, means love and is inspired from the goddess of love, aphrodite. With this name, they hope to spread and convey love in the name of the goddess of love. The group consists of J, Sodam, Suri, Moa, and Eseul. Their debut mv might be low budget, but their song is definitely high quality! Personally, I enjoyed watching their dance practice video. My biases are Suri and Eseul.

6. A.C.E (에이스)

2017 KPop Rookies

A.C.E is a five member boy group under Beat Interactive who made their debut on May 23rd, 2017 with their single, “Cactus.” Prior t debuting, they had been appealing to the public by doing covers and lots of busking performances. The group consists of Jun, Donghun, Wow, Jason, and Chan. I have been following them since December of 2016, and honestly feel like a proud mother since they’ve accomplished a lot since then! My bias is Donghun.

5. Black6ix (블랙식스)

Black6ix is a six member boy group under Blackhole Entertainment who made their debut on April 7th, 2017 with their song, “Please (제발).” It was produced by Subin, a member of one of my favorite bands, Say Yes. Black6ix consists of Yonseok, Taeyoung, Jongwoon, Ziki, Yey, and The King. They honestly deserve way more recognition that what they’re already receiving! Please support them. My bias is Ziki.

4. 7o’clock (세븐어클락)

2017 KPop Rookies
7o’clock, also know as SOC, is a six member boy group under Staro Entertainment who made their debut on  March 16th, 2017 with their title track, “Echo.” The group consists of A-Day, Vaan, Hyun, Yonghoon, Jeonggyu, and Taeyong. I was first introduced to them a couple days before they debuted. First one to caught my attention the most was Vaan. He seemed like such a silly and adorable dork that it was not hard for me to fall for; however, A-Day also caught my heart and ever since then I have yet to pick ONE bias.

3. The King (더깅)

2017 KPop Rookies
Even though The King have been active since 2014, they made their official debut on May 16th, 2017 with their song, “Look Back.” Prior to debuting, The King released several songs, including a mini album titled, Damn-oh Tape, which I absolutely love! The group consists of Sejin, Choirang, Donghyeok, Seungjae, and Bawool. All the members are super talented and handsome! Occasionally, the members will go live on instagram, especially Donghyeok or Sejin, and they’re so much fun to watch! I hope that one day, The King will get more love and support from many. I adore every member, but my bias has always been Sejin.

2. Vermuda (버뮤다)

2017 KPop Rookies

Vermuda, formerly known as Beam, is a five member boy group under Triple J Entertainment who made their debut on June 13th, 2017 with their title track, “Dream Girl“. Three out of the five members have been in previous groups, which most have already disbanded, before joining Vermuda. The group consists of Choiseon, Nakang, Jun, Je1, and U. What I loved the most about this group is that they debuted on my birthday so that was such an amazing present! Also, prior to debuting, the boys would do live broadcasts on Bigo and I absolutely loved that about them since they liked to interact with the fans a lot. One time, I asked Changbum (U) to tell Nakang how much I loved him and he actually told him and he said thank you! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

1. Spectrum (스펙트럼)

2017 KPop Rookies
Unlike the other groups I mentioned, Spectrum has yet to debut and even though they haven’t, they have become one of my favorite groups! Originally, they were set to debut this year in October, but their debut has been postponed due to one of the members— Kim Dongyoon, competing in mixnine. Currently, the group consists of Minjae, Bohyun, Dongyoon, Sundae, Seunghyun and Seunghyuk. I was first introduced to them at the beginning of the year and was able to watch their instagram live broadcasts right before they stopped doing them, and during these few live broadcasts, I got to learn a bit about their personalities and can I just say that they are hilarious!

Once, my bias decided to twerk (he was shirtless, too ?) and another time, he was hiding inside a closet, which the maknae took advantage off and tried to lock him in! I’ve been waiting for their debut almost a year now and hopefully they’ll debut in early 2018! If not, I’ll always be waiting for them, even if it’s not as Spectrum.

Honorable Mentions:
Great Guys
Top Secret

Which 2017 rookies are your favorite?

2017 KPop Rookies

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