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Cross Gene Appreciation Post

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Fans from all over sent in requests for a special post on Cross Gene!  OSKP is more than happy to oblige.

Who is Cross Gene?

Cross Gene is a 5 member group consisting of Shin, Sangmin, Yongseok, Takuya, and Seyoung.  The group made their debut under Amuse Entertainment in 2012 with their debut mini album, Timeless: Begins.

While the group is a K-Pop boy band, it isn’t just composed of Korean idols.  Takuya is actually from Japan and former members Casper and J.G are from China.

The group isn’t afraid of delving into dark concepts.  Their most recent comeback album, Mirror released in February of 2017 featured a haunting title track “Black or White”.  In the song and music video you would see and hear the different sides to a single person.

Music Videos

Cross Gene actually boasts a large amount of music videos.  Not only do they shoot their original videos, but they re-shoot the videos for the Japanese version as well.

From their early videos like “Sky High” to more recent like “Black or White” and “Noona, You”, they go all out regardless of the track.

Fun Fact

While many groups release reality series and small drama, Cross Gene took it a step further.  They actually went to Los Angeles in 2014 to film ZEDD.  How many fans can say their boys starred in their own movie?

This thrilling movie has a unique vibe, with a mix of languages used and a fun way of fighting the zombie hordes that threaten them.

To be honest, it would be amazing to see them do another movie like it!

What are they doing now?

Currently, the group is said to be in the process of preparing for a comeback.  Many of the members have busy individual schedules, like Takuya and his schedule for Altar Boyz, but they should be returning soon!

Their most recent adventure was against SF9 on Weekly Idol!

Cross Gene Appreciation


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