DAY6 Closes Out Every DAY6 With Beautiful Music Video For “I Like You”

DAY6 I Like You

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DAY6’s 2017 project, Every DAY6 has finally come to an end, and it’s bittersweet.

Every month for the past year, we’ve received a beautiful gift from the group, and now, we have the final gift for the year from them.  The romantic track, “I Like You” closes out their year long adventure with a bang.

The beautiful track has more of a classic rock style as it conveys a beautiful romantic confession from one person to another.  Pair that with the beautiful, heart warming music video, and you’ll be sure to fall in love with the group.

The group grew a lot over the year, with each track showing their improvements.  The year long project concludes with 4 days of beautiful concerts from December 22, 2017 to December 25, 2017.

Check out DAY6’s closing video for Every DAY6 below!


DAY6 I Like You


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