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Day6 continues their teaser release for “Dance Dance” with Jae

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Day6 is in the midst of releasing their teasers for Every DAY6 May, with the teaser for Sungjin already released.  The group is preparing for a far more upbeat song, titled “Dance Dance”, that definitely doesn’t fit their normal style.

The second set of individual teaser images features Jae.  Just like the previous teasers, there is one close up shot and one of him playing his instrument and performing.

Check out the teasers below.

day6-may-2017-dance-dance-jae day6-dance-dance-jae

“Dance Dance” is set to release on May 8, 2017, so get ready for a few more teasers before then!

Their previous release was “I’m Serious”, which you can check out here.


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