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Day6 is jumping in “Dance Dance” (Music Video Review)

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Day6 has been teasing us for the past week with their individual photos and video preview for the next installment in Every Day6, “Dance Dance”.  This hyped up track is a step away from their normal romantic style and a step into the punk rock genre.


“Dance Dance” was a pleasant surprise from this group.  When they announced that they would be deviating from their normal style of a more romantic, slow feel, and taking on a new style, it was hard to believe, but they were extremely successful with it!  The song shifts back and forth between three distinct different sounds; punk rock, pop rock, and a strange reggae rock (see the middle of the song).

The punk meets pop sound is a bit reminiscent of the 90’s and early 00’s rock bands I grew up loving, so this was an immediate hit for me.  The entire track is playful and fun and gives each member a moment to shine.  The vocals are on point, and oh boy, they certainly got the right amount of attitude in it!  With this style of music, softer sounding vocals wouldn’t work well, but they upped the ante and brought oodles of attitude.

The entire song is just pure fun.  I can definitely see this being one of those Summer hype songs, because I know I’d rock out to this in the car.  It wouldn’t be pretty, but it’d be worth it!

The chorus is probably my absolute favorite part.  It’s at this point they bring it back to the pop rock sound and repeat “Dance dance with me, everybody 1 2 3” and there’s just something about that that inspires you to get up and jump!


The video shows the boys jumping around and rocking out in black and white as they let all their energy seep into their performance!  Despite the confined space, they really make their way around.  From using their instruments as hats to waking each other up by playing their guitars loudly, right in their face, you can just feel how playful the song and video are.


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  1. allyannab May 8, 2017

    Ahh!! I’m in love!

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