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Day6 says “I’m Serious” (Music Video Review)

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Day6 has been tormenting us with adorable teasers with text around the side reading “I’m Serious” for this month’s release of their latest song “I’m Serious”.  From cute beach photos to photos with a fluffy dog, there was no end to the casual yet amazing looking teasers!


“I’m Serious” is one of those tracks that showcases the vocal ability of Day6’s members well.  They were powerful and didn’t get overpowered by the background music, yet still sounded amazing.  Probably my favorite thing was when they shifted into other notes.  it was something present throughout, but each time they did, it sounded wonderful.

One of the best lines of the song, in my opinion, is the whispered “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, tossed in behind the main vocals periodically.  It was subtle and I almost missed it at first, but it was one of those things that stuck out to me.  The other thing that stuck out was near the end of the song, when they started doing a ‘bop bop’ portion paired with the vocals.  All I could think of was Barber Shop because it had the same feel of songs you classically associate with that!


The video starts with a beautiful overhead shot of the ocean and a hillside, with the boys driving a white Jeep.  It has the feel of a Spring Break trip, since they’re going to a beach, wearing super casual clothing, are in a topless car, and are singing and riding near the ocean!

I actually enjoyed their outfits a lot.  They were pretty casual and, in some cases, colorful, but they didn’t feel out of place to something people would actually wear outside.  They were a good fit for the feel of the song.

These boys are super adorable.  Their interactions throughout the video were a mix of cool and dorky, which is challenging to do.  The scenes with them playing around on the beach were so cute, but they also had more serious individual shots, usually with instruments.  I also loved that instruments were included in the video, but they weren’t an overpowering presence.

One word: dog.

That dog was so adorable, I’m happy that they included it in the video.

Overall, the locations they chose to film out felt really unique and were perfect for the song.  It was fun and beautiful at the same time.


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  1. Han April 6, 2017

    This review describes what I felt

  2. allyannab April 7, 2017

    I agree with you!! Everything was just a masterpiece!!!

  3. Ishana April 8, 2017

    I love day 6!!❤ This song was amazing!! Love all of them and their songs!!

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