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DAY6 starts off their teaser releases for their Every DAY6 August release

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DAY6 released the first teaser image for their August release as part of Every DAY6.  The teaser image has the text “곻은걸 뭐 어떡해” written across it and features just shot of someone reading, no visible face.

The track will drop on August 7, 2017 at 12:00 pm.

Stay tuned for more teasers!


UPDATE: Sungjin is the first DAY6 member to have their teaser released for Every DAY6 August!

day6-everyday6-2017-august day6-august-sungjin

UPDATE: DAY6’s Jae is slaying his pink hair in his teasers for Every DAY6 August!

Stare and be amazed below!

every-DAY6-August-2017-jae-2 every-DAY6-August-2017-jae-1

UPDATE: YoungK (Brian!) is struggling to pay attention in his DAY6 August teaser images!

day6-august-youngk-brian-2017-2 day6-august-youngk-brian-2017

UPDATE: DAY6’s Wonpil looks thoughtful in his teasers for Every DAY6 August!

day6-wonpil-august-2017-2 day6-wonpil-august-2017-1

UPDATE: Dowoon is next in line for the teasers and he looks incredible!

day6-august-dowoon-teaser-2 day6-august-dowoon-teaser-2

UPDATE: DAY6 releases two stunning group teasers and a music video teaser for their upcoming track “What Can I Do”.

In the music video, the group teases about a library romance with some catchy background music.  In the photos, the group gathers in the bleachers and prepares to play in the school gym!

day6-what-can-i-do-teaser-group day6-what-can-i-do-2017


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