Day6’s Wonpil shares his teaser for “I’m Serious”

Day6 I'm Serious Wonpil teaser

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The next Day6 teaser was released for the upcoming track “I’m Serious”.  Wonpil is the star of this show and can be seen in a leather jacket with an orange and black shirt. I’m loving the choker necklace he has on!  They’re making a fashion comeback and it’s great to see them being used unisex.

We’ve already gotten Sungjin‘s teaser, Youngk’s teaser, and Jae‘s teaser, so now we just have to hang in there!

Get ready for the release of “I’m Serious” on April 6, 2017!

Day6 I'm Serious Wonpil teaser Day6 I'm Serious Wonpil teaser


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