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DIA’s Eunjin To Depart The Group Due To Health Reasons

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DIA’s Eunjin made the official announcement of her departure from the group.

On DIA’s Fan Cafe, she posted a handwritten letter to her fans.  In the letter, she apologizes to her fans for keeping them waiting so long and informs them it will be a longer letter, but completely sincere.  She goes on to explain that her health was declining last year.  In her letter, she states that there were days that were alright, but days that were so bad she couldn’t leave their dorm, and on those days, her members supported her.

She continued to say that sometimes on stage it was hard to move past the feelings of fear and being overpowered, and stated she tried her best.  Unfortunately, she feels that there were times that she disappointed fans by not successfully overcoming those challenges.  She sought treatment, but it wasn’t improving.

DIA is apparently preparing for a comeback, and her decision was made in order to stand out of their way so they can prepare with their minds at ease.  She closes the letter by thanking the members, AID, and her agency and expresses her love for everyone.

We at OSKP are sorry to see her go, but wish her the best of luck in life and hope that her health improves.  In addition, we look forward to seeing the group comeback soon.

DIA Eunjin Departure


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  1. It’s sad… wish her the best.

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