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DIA releases adorable choreography version of “Boyfriend” from Yolo

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DIA recently made their comeback with their album, Yolo.  Their title track, “Will You Go Out With Me“, was a sweet little number about developing feelings and figuring out what they meant.  While “Boyfriend” didn’t get a music video, we did just get a special gift in the form of a dance version!

The girls are all dressed in blue, purple, and pink checkered outfits, which gives them a super sweet appearance, and they impress us with their “Boyfriend” dance.  The chorus of the dance has is absolutely adorable!

DIA does absolutely wonderful with their performance!

This comeback actually featured the addition of two members, which often times can be challenging because they don’t have the same history and chemistry with existing members.  However, as seen in the choreography version of “Boyfriend”, the girls move in sync and aren’t letting the time in the group impact their cohesiveness!


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