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DIA Release More Gorgeous Teaser Images For Upcoming Return With ‘Summer Ade’

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Update August 9, 2018:

The group released some stunning individual teasers!  You won’t be able to resist these adorable faces.

Update August 8, 2018:

DIA dropped the music video teaser for “WooWoo” and highlight medley or their upcoming return with Summer Ade.

Original Article:

DIA is preparing for their upcoming return!

The group will be releasing their 4th mini album, Summer Ade on August 9, 2018, and are spoiling fans with gorgeous beach themed teasers.  So far, they’ve released their track list and various teaser images.

Summer Ade will contain 7 tracks in total, plus an instrumental version of their title track “Woo Woo”.

Take a look at their gorgeous teasers, track list and scheduler below!  Prepare for DIA’s return!


DIA Summer Ade Teasers


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