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Kpop XENO-T (Topp Dogg)

Dogg’s Out – Topp Dogg


On October 24, 2013, Topp Dogg’s debut mini-album Dogg’s Out was released under the Stardom Entertainment label.  The initial tracklist featured 5 songs, and was expanded to 7 songs upon the repackage release on December 12, 2013.

The album opens up with a bold track, “Dogg’s Out”, that showcases each member and sets the tone for the rest of the album.  Here you get a preview of each of their skills, singing or rapping.

The next song takes the tone of the first song and bumps it up a few levels.  “Follow Me”, also seen online as Say It/Use Your Words depending on where you look, is a strong track that jumps straight in with the background beats and synthesized sound.  Also, each rapper is gets a chance to show their skills and the vocalist have minimal, but noticeable lines.  One of the most memorable things about this track is the music video, which has a hardcore grunge feel to it that is appealing.  This track really sets the stage for what the group is trying to accomplish, with bold statement and a level of confidence you don’t normally see with new groups.

Going from “Follow Me” to “A Girl Like You” definitely causes pause.  The energy that you see in “Follow Me” is definitely lost in this solo track, however, it does showcase Kidoh’s skills as a R&B artist.  In the repackaged mini-album, “Cigarette” falls between the tracks “Follow Me” and “A Girl Like You”.  The song lacks a lot of the auto-tune and synthesized vocals that many of their other pieces have, which gives the boys a definite chance to prove their worth.

Unlike some of the other tracks, this group track is really only limited to a small subset, with some of the members only joining in for the group chorus.  Although, they did include a large chunk of english lyrics compared to most of the other songs, which was done extremely well.  Unfortunately, this song also lacks the same energy the boys brought with “Follow Me”.

Topp Dogg Debut

“Cute Girl” definitely has a Pop vibe, with it’s upbeat sounding lyrics, catchy, light beat, and lack of hardcore synthesizer.  It has a carefree vibe that definitely makes it feel like a Spring/Summer song they’d play on the radio.  This time around, instead of the rap line standing out, it’s the vocalist, with soothing melodies that really allow them to express themselves.  Finally, the last track on the list is “Playground”, which takes us back to the rap and heavy beats.  This track has a strong ‘circus’ feel to it, but in a good, yet creepy, way.  There’s even a Nightcore version of it!

Track List (Regular):

01. Dogg’s Out
02. Follow Me
03. A Girl Like You (Kidoh Solo Track)
04. Cute Girl
05. Playground

Track List ( Special Edition):

01. Dogg’s Out
02. Follow Me
03. Cigarette
04. A Girl Like You (Kidoh Solo Track)
05. Cute Girl
06. Playground
07. Say It (Chinese Version)

Topp Dogg Doggs Out

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