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Donnie And Defconn Open Up ‘Idol Room’ With Wanna One

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After departing from Weekly Idol, Donnie and Defconn open up their new show Idol Room!

The first group to be featured on this duo MC’s new series was Wanna One! They start off the clip by apologizing that for any errors in the server because so many fans joined in!  They also utilized the hearts feature of V-Live.  They promise gifts for each 5 million hearts, with a new member being added to the stage.

Wanna One are prompted to imitate the member immediately next to them as a way of introducing them with hilarious results.  Daehwi apparently comes across as a robot, while the others struggle awkwardly to try and imitate their fellow members!

The clip cuts out and another clip starts the activity portion of the segment!  The boys are told that they are going to be on camera that only will film one person.  The boys have to plop on the group, and spin the camera around.  They gather around the camera in a circle, squeezing in close, before starting the fun.

Finally, the boys get a chance to dance!  It’s not just a normal dance but instead a challenge!  Watch Wanna One take on the game challenge below.
That’s not all!  They have multiple other episodes featuring Wanna One on their V-Live channel, so be sure to check them out.

Wanna One Idol Room


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