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DREAMCATCHER revealed the first teaser images for ‘Prequel’

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After releasing their promotional schedule for their first full album release, DREAMCATCHER is here with some stunning individual teaser images for Prequel.

The girls take to nature, which seems to be a common theme for them, and pose with the beautiful surroundings of trees and little else.  The photos are stunning and we can expect more tomorrow!

Check them out below!

dreamcatcher-prequel-sua dreamcatcher-prequel-dami dreamcatcher-prequel-yoohyeon dreamcatcher-prequel-siyeon dreamcatcher-prequel-gahyeon dreamcatcher-prequel-before dreamcatcher-prequel-handong

Refer to their teaser release schedule here and stay tuned for the full release of their album and music video on July 27, 2017.

UPDATE: The second batch of teasers is here!

dreamcatcher-siyeon dreamcatcher-sua dreamcatcher-yoohyeon dreamcatcher-gahyeon dreamcatchre-dami dreamcatcher-handong dreamcatcher-jiu

UPDATE: While the ‘Before’ images released were innocent looking, the ‘After’ images have a dark, alluring aura!

Check them out below!

dreamcatcher-after-prequel-yoohyeon dreamcatcher-after-prequel-siyeon dreamcatcher-after-prequel-sua dreamcatcher-after-prequel-dami dreamcatcher-after-prequel-jiu dreamcatcher-after-prequel-gahyeon dreamcatcher-after-prequel-handong

UPDATE: The girls are now full on ‘dark’ in their latest teaser images.  These images have the same feel as some of their previous releases, with a supernatural theme and extreme darkness.

dreamcatcher-after-dark-yoohyeon dreamcatcher-after-dark-sua dreamcatcher-after-dark-handong dreamcatcher-after-dark-gahyeon dreamcatcher-after-dark-jiu dreamcatcher-after-dark-siyeon dreamcatcher-after-dark-dami

UPDATE: The girls have released two group teasers.  The first is definitely ‘before’, where the girls look sweet and innocent in matching outfits standing on stairs.  The second is darker, with the girls surrounding a candle for lighting with a dark background.

Check them out below!




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