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Dreamcatcher takes us behind the scenes of “Good Night”

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Dreamcatcher just released their latest album and title track and we’ve already been graced with a behind the scenes glimpse!  The girls take us behind the camera and out of the action as they film “Good Night“, their latest dark and creepy hit.  Although, these girls are anything but dark and creepy!  The lovely ladies are all smiles and jokes in between their shots as they play around with each other and the set.

The set itself was far more than expected!  In the music video, you can see a lot of the details, but there’s far more intricacies that can be spotted in this video!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their latest album, Nightmare – Fall Asleep in the Mirror, and its title track, “Good Night“.


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  1. I love their concept so much! Its so unique and rare compared to other girl group that usually acting cute, and sexy.

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