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Dreamcatcher Drops Captivating Teaser Video For “What”

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Update September 19, 2018:

Dreamcatcher released their trailer for the title track of their upcoming mini album, “What”.  Check it out below.

Update September 18, 2018:

Dreamcatcher revealed a dance spoiler for their upcoming title track “What”.  The new clip features a nice preview of their track along with a glimpse at their killer dance moves.  Check it out below.

Update September 17, 2018:

Dreamcatcher released the highlight medley for their upcoming return with Alone In The City.  Check out the track previews below!

Update September 15, 2018:

Dreamcatcher’s latest teaser, “What” Trailer B, gives a glimpse at their new concept!  The haunting vocals and desert area have an eerie vibe, much like their previous series.

Watch it below.

Update September 14, 2018:

Dreamcatcher released yet another breathtaking teaser image for Alone In The City.  Check it out below.

dreamcatcher-groupUpdate September 13, 2018:

Dreamcatcher released a darker version of their teasers for their upcoming return.  The group’s latest teasers, called the “Shade” version, are drastically different than the initial colorful teasers they released.

Check them out below.

Yoohyeon-darkJiu-darkHandong-darkGahyeon-darkSiyeon-darkDami-darkSua-darkUpdate September 12, 2018:

Dreamcatcher released the first video teaser for their upcoming return.  The trailer, titled “What” is just first trailer to be released and features the lovely Yoohyeon.

Watch it below.

Update September 11, 2018:

Dreamcatcher released a stunning group teaser for their upcoming return.  Check it out below.

DreamCatcherUpdate September 10, 2018:

Dreamcatcher take on a new look for their upcoming return!  The group released beautiful individual teasers with a futuristic vibe.  Check them out below.

YoohyeonJiUHandongGahyeonSiyeonSiyeonSuaUpdate September 6, 2018:

Dreamcatcher have begun the official countdown for their upcoming return!  The group dropped their scheduler for their 3rd mini album, Alone In The City set to release on September 20, 2018.  Check it out below and stay tuned for all the wonderful teasers.

alone-in-the-cityUpdate September 5, 2018:

Dreamcatcher released another mystery code!  Check it out below.

Original Article:

Dreamcatcher is gearing up to make a comeback!

The group surprised fans with a mysterious image for their upcoming return on September 2, 2018.  The image featured a half buried lock book with a black and gold theme.  The book sports a skull in the middle of it as well. Fans were quick to spot that the book had actually been featured in “Good Night” released last year.  The teaser was listed as “Mystery Code #01”.

The group followed it up with “Mystery Code #02”, which had a different vibe.  On a phone sitting between a bunch of makeup, the numbers 1-2 2-6 2-1 1-5 were listed.

Their latest teaser is a screenshot of the first with “InSomnia” listed at the top (their fan club name).  In the text box is merely one word; “What”.  The image is just listed as “Title”.

Check out the two teaser images and stay tuned for more!

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