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Dreamcatcher Take Halloween Dance Practice To The Next Level For “What”

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Update November 4, 2018:

Dreamcatcher went all out for their special Halloween dance this year!  The girls’ dressed up as various things, including an Alice, Joker, and clown, then made their way to the streets for a public performance!  Watch the clip below.

Update September 21, 2018:

Dreamcatcher takes fans behind the scenes of Alone In The City with the jacket making film!  Watch it below.

Update September 20, 2018:

Dreamcatcher is out to teach you the fan chant in the latest video released for “What”.  With banners in hand and energy galore, the girls chant alongside their latest track, all while their dance practice plays in the corner.  Check out the fan cheer guide in the video below!

Original Article:

The wonderful ladies of Dreamcatcher are trying out a new concept, and they definitely killed it!

The group returned with their latest mini album, Alone In The City, featuring the title track “What” on September 20, 2018. The new concept strays from their dark and creepy tendencies from their previous series of releases.  Instead, they kept the rock vibe and brightened it up a bit.

They have the dark themes still, but in a more modern and less magical setting.  The previous releases had a focus on more old-fashioned nightmares.  This new releases jumps them into nightmares of the current ages!

The new track showcases their stunning vocals and beautiful dance moves alongside the vibrant music video.  The lyrics talk about each member as they leave their dream world and return to reality.

Watch Dreamcatcher return with their latest music video for “What” below.

Dreamcatcher What MV


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