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Dreamcatcher’s release schedule for Nightmare · Fall asleep in the mirror

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The beautiful ladies of Dreamcatcher are back in another set of teaser photos for their upcoming album.  In the first set,  they took on an angelic hue, while in the second set they’re looking positively sinful donning black garment.

They’ve not released their album name and release schedule!

Nightmare · Fall Asleep in the Mirror  will be released on April 5, 2017.  On March 27, 2017, March 28, 2017, and March 29, 2017, there will be teaser images released, on top of the original images.  On March 30, 2017, we will have a tracklist!  March 31, 2017 and April 3, 2017 will mark the release of the trailers for their title track.  April 4, 2017  will be the album and music video teasers.

Get ready for the album and the teasers!

Dream Catcher Nightmare Release Schedule

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