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Edward Avila and Trophy Cat team up for “Body”

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Edward Avila, an extremely popular YouTuber located in South Korea, will be teaming up with Trophy Cat for a new song!

The track will be called “Body” and will be released on August 21, 2017. The teaser is a definite must see.

Check it out below

Production Information:

Produced by Trophy Cat
Lyrics by AOORA, Edward Avila
Composed by AOORA, FRIDAY
Arranged by FRIDAY
Chorus by AOORA, Edward Avila
Piano by FRIDAY
Recorded by FRIDAY at Billion DC Studio
Choreography by Edward Avila, AOORA
Mixed by SungJun Hong at GoldenbellTree Sound
Mastered by HyoYoung Choi at SUONO Mastering
Makeup by Edward Avila
Hair Stylist Dong-Chan Kim at G Story Hair
MV Director Dong-hee Lee

(information pulled from video description)

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