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ELRIS’s Sohee Releases Debut Solo Music Video “Hurry Up!” Featuring BOL4!

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Update October 18, 2018:

Sohee released the music video for her debut single “Hurry Up” featuring Bolbbalgan4!

Bolbbalgan4 composed, wrote, and featured in the track as they tell the story of a woman wanting more direct expressions of affection and love while in a relationship.

Watch the music video below.

Update October 16, 2018:

Sohee released the making of “Hurry Up” dance video!  Watch it below.

Update October 15, 2018:

Sohee released the second music video teaser for her upcoming track “Hurry Up”.  Watch it below.

Update October 14, 2018:

Sohee released the first full music video teaser for “Hurry Up”.  Watch it below.

Update October 12, 2018:

Sohee spoilers her upcoming track in a special new video teaser!  Watch it below.

Update October 9, 2018:

Sohee released the “Hurry Up!” concept video for her upcoming solo debut.  Check it out below.

Update October 8, 2018:

ELRIS’s Sohee released more concept photos for her upcoming solo debut with Hurry Up.  

elriselriselrisUpdate October 2, 2018:

Sohee releases a special performance video prior to her solo debut  Watch the Madonna Vogue performance below.

Update September 27, 2018:

Sohee released the solo debut teaser for her upcoming solo debut!

Original Article:

ELRIS’s Sohee is planning on making her solo debut!

The lovely artist will be releasing her first solo single album sometime in October of 2018. Along with the announcement, she released a mysterious teaser that features just the lower half of her face and her finger with her name written on it.

No details beyond that have been released as of yet,

Check out the teaser announcement for ELRIS Sohee’s upcoming solo debut below and stay tuned for more.

elris sohee solo debut


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