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ELRIS Embodies The Feeling Of Summer In New ‘Summer Dream’ Music Video

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Update July 7, 2018:

ELRIS take us to wonderland as they don Alice In Wonderland themed outfits for a new version of their latest track “Summer Dream”.  Watch the adorable girls below and be sure to scroll down and check out the original music video for “Summer Dream”.

Original Article:

The five gorgeous girls of ELRIS have released their 3rd mini album, Summer Dream, with an all-new music video!

The video appropriately titled ‘Summer Dream‘ released on June 28th, 2018 and it screams summer vibes.

The girls sing and dance on the beachy shores of the ocean, with incredibly bright and vibrant colors surrounding them. The blue of the sky, coupled with the bright oranges and greens of the fruit stand and foliage give the video so many fabulous colors.

The members themselves give off an adorable feel; the blue and white nautical outfits, as well as the more casual clothes seen in other parts of the video, give an innocence that is really fitting to the track and theme. The group looks like 5 best friends enjoying a vacation at the beach!

And I am now in need of that oyster pool float.

The track itself is incredibly light and pleasing to listen to. The vocals of the members are spot on, and the rap break is more subtle and less about speed. It fits the theme to a T.

The visuals get even more stunning, if that is remotely possible, as the sky turns from bright blue to golds and purples with the sunset. The girls are silhouetted against the sun and look absolutely magical.

All in all, this video makes me yearn for the ocean so much I can practically smell it. And ELRIS continues to be a group everyone should have their eyes on as they continue to release tracks and albums.

Check out there new mini album here and here, and take a look at the video below!

Elris Summer Dream MV


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