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ELRIS Show Off Their Beautiful Smiles In Music Video Teaser For “Summer Dream”

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Update June 26, 2018:

ELRIS are all smiles in their music video teaser for “Summer Dream”.  Watch these adorable girls below.

Update June 25, 2018:

ELRIS released the group’s concept teaser for their upcoming return with Summer Dream.  Check it out below.

Update June 18, 2018:

ELRIS released the highlight medley for their upcoming return with Summer Dream.  Check it out below!

Update June 15, 2018:

The lovely ladies of ELRIS feature in new teaser images for their upcoming return with Summer Dream.  Take a look at their adorable photos below!

elris-summer-dream-6elris-summer-dream-5elris-summer-dream-4elris-summer-dream-3elris-summer-dream-2elris-summer-dream-Update June 13, 2018:

The group released their track list for Summer Dream featuring a track produced by Ravi!  Along with the track list, the group released cute lyric spoilers for each of their songs.  Check them out below.


Update June 12, 2018:

ELRIS look adorable in their latest pink and blue themed teasers for Summer Dream.  Check out their teasers below.

elriselriselriselriselrisUpdate June 11, 2018:

ELRIS are preparing for un in the sun in their first teaser image for Summer Dream.  The new teaser features playful shots of each of the girls holding goggles up to the camera.

Check out the teaser photo below and stay tuned for the next concept photo!

summer-dream-elrisUpdate June 9, 2018:

ELRIS released the scheduler for the upcoming teasers for Summer Dream, their third mini album.  The teaser are set to release rather frequently until the album and music video are released on June 28, 2018.

Check out the scheduler below and stay tuned for the return of ELRIS’s Sohee, Karin, Hyeseong, Bella, and Yukyung!

elris-summer-dreamOriginal Article:

ELRIS is preparing for a summer comeback!

The group dropped their first teaser image for their June comeback titled Summer Dream.  The teaser features colored water in glasses  on a pink tinted surface.  Unfortunately, the only date range information provided is Summer of 2018, so no specific date provided yet.

Check out their album announcement below and stay tuned for more!

The group made their last comeback in September of 2017 with “Pow Wow“.

ELRIS Summer Dream Teasers


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