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ELRIS’s Sohee And JBJ’s Sanggyun Drop Teasers For Collaboration Track “유치해도”

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ELRIS’s Sohee and JBJ’s Kim Sanggyun will be releasing a duet collaboration soon!  The track, titled “유치해도”, literally translates to “Even If It’s Childish” will be released soon!

To prepare fans for this adorable collaboration, the duet dropped 5 teaser images!  both of them posed for individual teasers, one with a serious expression, and one far more playful.  Their group teaser features the two sitting side by side with their heads cocked to the side as they hold wired phones to their heads.

Check out their adorable teasers below and be sure to check out both ELRIS and JBJ!

Sangyun Sohee 유치해도 Sangyun Sohee 유치해도 Sangyun Sohee 유치해도 Sangyun Sohee 유치해도 Sangyun Sohee 유치해도

UPDATE: It turns out the track that these lovely artists perform was actually produced by BTOB’s Minhyuk!  The music preview they released features all three of them in a small behind the scenes shot.

UPDATE: The pair dropped another adorable music video teaser with so many holiday feels!

Sangyun Sohee 유치해도

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