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EXID Drops Teasers From The Behind The Scenes Of “Lady”!

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Update March 30, 2018:

EXID released a couple new images.  These new images take us behind the scenes of their music video “Lady” and shows off their bold and colorful!

Take a look at the images below.

 EXID Play  EXID Play

Update March 29, 2018:

The girl’s show off their moves in their music video teaser for “Lady”.  Watch it below.

Update March 28, 2018:

EXID spoil fans with two lyric teasers for their upcoming track “Lady”.  CHeck them out below.

Update March 24, 2018:

EXID release their new group teaser photo for their comeback.  These lovely ladies are rocking Tommy Hilfiger in the teaser. Check it out below!

 EXID Play

Update March 23, 2018:

New teasers have been released! Check them out below.

 EXID Play  EXID Play

Update March 22, 2018:

LE and Hyerin star in two new unit teasers for the group’s upcoming single “내일해“.  The two teasers are playful and fun.  Check them out below.

 EXID Play  EXID Play

Update March 21, 2018:

Hani and Jeonghwa are the next two members to be featured in teasers for EXID’s upcoming comeback with 내일해.  Check it out below!

 EXID Play  EXID Play

Update March  20, 2018:

The first two teaser images have been released! LE and Hyerin are the first two lovely ladies to grace fans with their teasers.  Check them out below!

 EXID Play  EXID Play

Update March 18, 2018:

EXID dropped new teasers from the set of their upcoming music video! The teasers give small glimpses of their outfits and were posted to their own personal Instagram accounts.  Check them out below!

 EXID Play  EXID Play  EXID Play  EXID Play

Original Article:

EXID released their first image for their comeback!

The group dropped a concept teaser for their comeback on April 2, 2018 that features an old-school Windows warning message about their comeback.  The teaser includes the text “Play” as well.

Check out the teaser image below!

 EXID Play


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