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EXID Drop Teaser Image For “Re:flower” Project #1

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UPDATE January 11, 2018:

The group released another teaser for the first portion of the project.  The teaser features a long member standing off in the difference with a blue hue covering the image.

“Dreamer”, Solji’s solo track, will be the first track remade.

Check it out below!

EXID Reflower

UPDATE January 10, 2018:

This teaser is not actually a comeback, but instead a new project the girls are embarking on.  The project will entail them re-relasing remastered version of some of their B-side tracks each month. As the months progress, the flower will grow.

As it progresses, it will form a sunflower, the birth flower of August and the debut month of EXID.

Original Article:

EXID Surprised fans with a new teaser image!

The group dropped a floral themed teaser for “Re:flower” featuring a beautiful sunset hue and a budless floral stem.  The teaser image includes the text “Re:flower” and “再花” and says that it will release on January 15, 2018 at 6:00 pm.

Check out the teaser below!

EXID Reflower


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  1. Jenny Yu January 10, 2018

    Beautiful picture!!

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