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EXO-CBX Want To Be Your Boyfriend In New Music Video “Blooming Day”

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EXO-CBX have returned with a music video for their newest track “Blooming Day“.

EXO-L’s are going insane over the highly anticipated release of CBX’s second mini-album “Blooming Day“! The music video alone has already surpassed two-million views on youtube! If you know anything about the group though you’ll understand why. These boys deliver nothing but stunning quality and jaw-dropping works of art with every release, and “Blooming Day” is not an exception to this rule.

The music video is colorful and overall extremely aesthetically pleasing. With a variety of scenes ranging from members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin in modelesque poses (excuse me, I didn’t need this kind of pain today) to choreography dominated shots. The mix of scenes is extremely entertaining (I mean Baek + slingshot + Jongdae?) and holds fans’ attention.

In the video, there is a good amount of choreography shown, and as always the boys deliver it beautifully. The dance has both simple and complex aspects to it, but the entire thing flows well together and with the music.

Speaking of the music, the song itself is amazing. There is no other way to say it. CBX has beautiful vocals, we all know that, but they work so well together and in such incredible harmony that everything they produce is fabulous and is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Of course, there is also no resisting every fan’s new favorite line “Baby, can I be your boyfriend?” (Yes, obviously, yes). The beat is energetic and has kind of a funky feel to it, making it a lot of fun to listen to! All in all, the song is super fun and so is the music video!

Have you had a chance to watch the video yet? If not you can watch it here! Would you let Chen, Baekhyun, or Xiumin be your boyfriend? Let us know in the comments!

EXO-CBX Blooming Day MV


  1. Mardhiah Omar April 11, 2018

    EXO CBX honestly receives a bit more love from me ads compared to EXO because all my 3 biases are together in a unit so how can I not love them <3 I LOVE BLOOMING DAY A LOT MINSEOKKIE JONGDAE-YA AND BAEKHYUNNIE <3

  2. Bella April 12, 2018

    minseok and baekhyun want to kill me lol
    great song

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