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EXO releases first comeback teaser and opens their Twitter account

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Fans were besides themselves when they stumbled upon what appeared to be a verified EXO Twitter account.  With their comeback drawing nearer, fans crossed their fingers that it was truly them!

Well, it was!

EXO has an official Twitter account now; seen here, and to start things off, they posted a sweet little poll with the text “Feeling Lucky?”.  There are three options; Tweet #EXO, Tweet #KoKoBop, and Tweet #TheWarEXO.  Selecting one of the options reveals a video clip where you get a small glimpse of each of the members.

Their official website reads “Coming Soon July 10”, which implies the next teaser is coming soon!

Fans started looking into their teasers immediately!  SM Entertainment has played games before where things from the past come up in the future, leaving you looking back going “That was a hint!”.

As of now, they’ve deduced that “The War” is definitely part of the comeback, and Ko Ko Bop is as well since Baekhyyun mentioned it during a live on July 8, 2017.  There are also 3 logos currently floating around, which makes fans think their might be multiple title tracks.

In addition, the flowers used in the teaser logos are actually birds of paradise, a beautiful flower that features orange and blue petals.  They don’t bloom until they hit approximately 4-5 years old, and since EXO just celebrated their 5th anniversary, fans things it might be related.  The flower also represents the ‘9th’, and sense the group has 9 members, it’s a perfect fit.

Fans are even going into the groups social media posts, where Sehun posted regular food posts featuring foods like rice, which is bap in Korean and sounds like Bop.  Baekhyun is no different, with bay laurel leaves on his next, which is actually similar to one of the three logos.

Fans even went to the fan cams to see if there were any choreography spoilers!  There definitely were some things out of place and the videos can be found below.

Fans also noticed that using Naver translation with ‘Ko Ko Bop’ and ‘The War’ seem to be a bit different than normal.  Instead of returning a single phrase, they’re returning things like “A War has begun”, “malt scotch whiskey” (water of life), and “That war has become the fuse of”, among other things.  Ko Ko Bop is actually not a Korean or English phrase, so the fact that it has a sentence is rather strange. This has happened before with other groups, so it definitely might be a hint!


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