F.T. Island rocks out in “Shadows” (Music Video Review)

FT Island Shadows Japanese

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F.T. Island is a 5 member Korean rock band under FNC Entertainment.  They first debuted on June 7, 2007 with the song “Love Sick”.  In the following year, they made their Japanese debut and were the first foreign male group to top the Oricon Daily Charts.

Since their debut, they’ve gone back and forth releasing Korean and Japanese albums.  Their most recent album, United Shadows, was released in Japan just this year and features the track “Shadows.


Choi Jong-hoon

Lee Hong-gi

Lee Jae-jin

Song Seung-hyun

Choi Min-hwan


When it comes to music, my first love will always be anything in the rock category, and this group fits that to a ‘T’.  The song starts off with a slow intro and jumps straight into the rock and roll feel!  There are more modern pop and synth noises mixed in, so it isn’t solely a rock song, but it doesn’t feel out of place.

The vocals are husky and perfect with the beat and rock sound.  As soon as the guitars start picking up, the vocals take on an even better sound, especially when it builds into the chorus around 1:20.

I absolutely love the guitar and base sections.  They’re very powerful and drive the song forward.  They really make this a headbanger!  The drums aren’t drowned out by the guitars and bass either, which is a huge plus.  Often times, that gets lost in the rest of the sounds, but it stands out on its own here.


The video really fits the song title.  The boys are in some sort of warehouse or abandoned building (it’s hard to tell) and most of the lights are off.  The only real source of light the entire time is in front of them, and although it makes them look washed out, it does provide a haunting glow.

It actually reminded me a lot of those horror movie games where you’re given a flashlight and made to wander around.

Although, the things in the dark here were far more pleasant than those games.

The video was simple, overall, and I wish they had done a bit more with it, but they did give each person screen time and eventually let the light in and felt like a typical rock video!

Overall, I absolutely love the video and song!  This is definitely going to end up on my favorites list.