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Fan Project: Aroha Anthem for ASTRO’s 2nd anniversary

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There’s another fan project on the horizon for all fans to join!

ASTRO’s second anniversary means that there’s a lot to celebrate.  The peppy group has been a constant at KCON, full of cheer, and all around, just an incredible group that won the hearts of many.  The group is currently preparing for their comeback with Dream Part.02, where they’re showing a new side of themselves.

Now, let’s talk about this fan project.  @ArohaNoona from Twitter is gathering fans all over together for a special video for ASTRO to celebrate their 2 year anniversary.


Create an Aroha anthem to video tape fans singing, compile together, and share to ASTRO and YouTube.  This anthem can even be sung during concerts or other events for the group.


December 31, 2017 12:00 am KST.


Create lyrics, phrases, or poems about ASTRO and send them to   @ArohaNoona.  You can also contact them on Kakao Talk through YoonNiHyo.

If you want to help create the song itself, record a video with chords and send it to  @ArohaNoona.

When will we see the results?

The full video will be released on YouTube and SoundCloud on February 1, 217 at 12:00 am KST and the second half of the project will be posted.

@ArohaNoona will be providing updates about the project periodically until the song release.


OSKP wants to ask fans that are under the legal age for their country to make sure they have parental/guardian permission before filming themselves!

ASTRO Fan Project Aroha Anthem


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